Getting color to work with jruby

I’m having issues getting color to work when I’m running my tests.
I’m writing a gem and using RSpec 2.1.0. I’m using JRuby-1.5.3
installed by RVM on OSX10.6

I have a rake task defined like so: do |spec|
spec.pattern = “spec/**/*_spec.rb”
spec.rspec_opts = [’–color’, ‘–format documentation’]

when I run rake spec I can see those opts being passed in:

/Users/bradrobertson/.rvm/rubies/jruby-1.5.3/bin/jruby -S bundle exec rspec
–color --format documentation “spec/modesl/some_mode.rb” … # other files

but I get no color :frowning:

I also just realized that running it with MRI 1.9.2 does give me
color, so maybe this belongs in the JRuby forum… but for now, does
anyone know of something needed to get JRuby to output color?

I know is little late, but, if someone else came here to know this: you
use the --tty option when you run the tests.