Getting and posting info from database?

Ok so I have a profile page on my website. In the database I have all
the information about the user, including the username, first and last
names, passwords, and descriptions, locations, and any other
information. Now what code would I need, to get the data from the table
“users” depending on who is logged into the system. Say “Bob” is logged
in, how do I get ruby to look for “Bob” in users and, let’s say, display
the user’s current location and/or First and Last name.

And don’t be too harsh, I’m completely new to RoR and still trying to
get stuff to “make sense”.

If you are completley new to Ror I would suggest reading some of the
thousands of tutorials on the web, or one of the several books about
Rails that are out now (Agile Web D. With Rails 2nd Edition
is the crowd favorite).

The answers to your questions aren’t that simple. How does the
application know what user is logged in? You can search your database
like this…


Where ‘username’ is the column in the DB you want to search and ‘Bob’
is what to search for. The entire row will be returned as an array
@user, so then you can use @user.location @user.first_name
@user.last_name or @user.whatever

Usually developers store the user_id in the session information, so
you can do something like @user = User.find(session[:id])

I hope this gets you on the right path, but you really need to start
reading up… :slight_smile:

On Jun 18, 6:45 pm, Jake F. [email protected]