Getting an error when using routing navigator plugin - any ideas?

Hi everyone,

I’m getting the following error after installing and using the routing
navigator plugin.

undefined method `template_root=’ for RoutingNavigatorController:Class

is anyone else seing the same problem?
I tried to google for it but I didn’t find anything

thanks for your help

I got the same thing.

I’m guessing ‘template_route=’ is deprecated in Rails 2 - I assume you
are using version 2?

change ‘template_route’ to ‘view_paths’ on line 5 of vendor/plugins/

You will also need to change ‘start_form_tag’ to ‘form_tag’ on line 13
of vendor/plugins/routing_navigator/views/routing_navigator/

That worked for me. I’m not actually sure if it does the ‘right thing’
but it looks about right!


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