Gettext's Locale class in application namespace


I’ve been trying to use Gettext with one my web applications. I’ve used
Gettext many times in the past without problems and appreciate it
greatly. In this particular instance, my web application has its own
ActiveRecord Locale model which I use to store the locales the
application will support. (I prefer to use Locale for the user
interface, and Language for the language a model is available in; a
subtle but important difference.)

The problem with Gettext in this situation however, is that it provides
its own Locale class in the application namespace instead of something
like Gettext::Locale. This conflicts with my Locale model, preventing
things from working.

Globalize also provides its own Locale class, but sensibly inside the
Globalize module’s namespace, i.e. Globalize::Locale so that it doesn’t
cause any problems.

I would like to ask for any opinions on this matter, to see if anyone
else agrees that Gettext’s Locale should be inside the Gettext module.
I’d also be interested in any recommendations for alternative methods,
other than renaming my Locale model to something else which is the most

Thanks in advance,
Sam Lown

For the moment, I’ve converted my own Locale model into SystemLocale so
that it does not conflict with the interests of Gettext. Not the ideal
situation IMHO, but it will suffice.

Cheers, sam