Gettext 3.0.2


The ruby-gettext project has been released gettext 3.0.2.

Install: gem install gettext

Gettext gem is the localization (L10N) library and tools
which is modeled after GNU gettext package.

Gettext gem includes command line tools to manager .po and
.mo. They are implemented by pure Ruby. GNU gettext also
provides these tools but they are implemented by C. Ruby
users can install these tools easily rather than GNU

Gettext_i18n_rails (*1) uses gettext gem to management
translations. YARD (*2) uses gettext gem for generating
localized documentation. RDoc will also use gettext gem (*3)
for generating localized documentation.

(*1) GitHub - grosser/gettext_i18n_rails: Rails: FastGettext, I18n integration -- simple, threadsafe and fast!

Gettext 3.0.2 adds more options to its tools to improve
compatibility with tools provided by GNU gettext. You can
use gettext gem as drop-in replacement of GNU gettext.

See the following URL about changes between 3.0.0 and 3.0.2: