Gettext 2.3.7


In 2013-01-11 (last week), we released gettext gem 2.3.7.

Gettext is the localization(L10N) library and tools which is modeled
after GNU gettext package.
It has been maintained by “gettext project” team since 2.3.0.

In this release, we improved fuzzy-matching in rmsgmerge.
Fuzzy-matching is the function for merging old PO and new POT.
Fuzzy-matching adds “fuzzy” flag to new entries which including
translated msgstr from old PO. Added “fuzzy” flag entries have fuzzy
translation like below:

old PO:
msgid “helol” # typo!
msgstr “boujour”

new POT:
msgid “hello” # correct…
msgstr “”

merged PO from old PO and new POT (rmsgmerge old_PO new_POT):
#, fuzzy
msgid “hello” #correct!
msgstr “bonjour” # fuzzy translation

We speeded up fuzzy-matching by excluding nontranslated entries from
target for fuzzy translations.
We also fixed bug that needless “fuzzy” flags were added to entries in
PO created by rsmgmerge.


How to install: gem install gettext

The changes since 2.3.6 are listed below:

2.3.7: 2013-01-11

This is a msgmerge improved release.


  • [msgmerge] Speeded up fuzzy matching.


  • [msgmerge] Fix the bug that msgmerge adds needless fuzzy flag from
    not fuzzy entries in merged PO.
  • [POEntry] Pretty formated all messages except msgstr.

Haruka Y. [email protected]