I am new to this mailing. I have some users who are fed up with the
following warning and my inability to explain and/or remove it. It
occurs on every call to, and yes, it is on windows.

H:/work/i2cc.rb:1140: warning: don’t put space before argument

If anyone could provide some help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Bill Saunders
Wave7 Optics, Inc

Alle mercoledì 29 agosto 2007, Bill Saunders ha scritto:

Wave7 Optics, Inc
It means that you’ve called a method, put its arguments in parentheses
and put
a space between the method name and the opening parentheses. Something

irb: 003> puts (1, 2)
(irb):3: warning: don’t put space before argument parentheses


Bill Saunders wrote:

Wave7 Optics, Inc

It may help if you could include (inline, not attached) some code
(shorted to the minimal) of the code executed from the program(s) in
and how they are being used, e.g. .\foo.rb --file bar.txt. In my
experience it
can generally be best that way for people to know whats going on.

In the past I’ve usually used optparse (which I dislike) or rolled my
argument hunt & peck. After reading this and looking up getoptlong, it
much more to my tastes so I’ll definitely have to check out. Thanks for
a poke


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