Get Rid of Date in Migration Filename

I was wondering how to get Rails 2.1 migrates to go from generating
20080910014108_create_table.rb-esque migrations to the old
22_create_table.rb style ones. I am sure that there is some sort of
advantage in having timestamps in the file name, I just haven’t
figured it out yet.

Thanks in advance,


the advantage to the datetime based filenames over the simple integers
is that it allows you to work in branches, make migrations and merge
it all back together later without fear of conflicting migrations. why
would you want to go back?

Ahh, that does make sense.

I am the only dev working on this project, so I do a lot of rake
db:migrate VERSION=22 stuff to roll back migrations, trying to do
VERSION=20080214017515 is just a hassle.

Being a loner I forget sometimes that people write software with other

If you’re wanting to rollback, just use rake db:rollback?

If you still need it you can set
config.active_record.timestamped_migrations = false to have migrations
with numeric prefix instead of UTC timestamp.

But for this you need to upgrade to Rails 2.1.1. See #21 under ‘Active
Record’ heading in this change log: