Get numerous VC Backed Companies Competing For You [JOB] - UK, Paris, Berlin, Europe, NYC, SF

As a software engineer you surely get numberless emails and pitches
week from uninformed recruiters, headhunters and IT staffing agencies.

AuctionFlair helps you change how finding a job works for developers by
having the employers come to them rather than the other way around.
Get a direct connection with backed start-ups bidding for you with cash,
equity, and benefit packages before any interview.

AuctionFlair makes you decide what companies you want to interview with,
based on their initial offers.
This marketplace is simple, free, and takes few minutes to set up. You
have to accept any job offer, or interview with any company – we only
present the opportunities to you.

We are preparing the private beta.
Find out more on AuctionFlair and sign up in our temporary landing page
be notified when we are released:

ps: Do not hesitate to give your feedbacks. Recruiting is a problem we
to solve. :wink:
In this landing page stands the starting point. Pre-selected developers
companies is a starting point.