Get detailed info about error

Hello !

I just got this RSpec message:


  1. Position just created should unmake correctly
    Failure/Error: lambda { @p.unmake }.should_not raise_error
    expected no Exception, got #<NoMethodError: undefined method `<’
    for false:FalseClass>


I understand that there is a Exception raised, and that there is a
“false” somewhere where I should have another object. But where in my
code ?

Can I get more info on where the exception was raised ?

Thanks for your help.

On May 22, 2011, at 5:19 PM, Mickael Faivre-Macon wrote:

# ./tests/position_test.rb:41

If you type “rspec --help” you’ll see the answer to your question. I’ll
tell you, but now you know how to find it in the future:

rspec spec --backtrace