Get creative with ruby-processing

If you like to code in ruby, you can create processing sketches by installing one of the following ruby-processing gems:-

  1. On raspberryPI (32 or 64 bit) PiCrate
  2. Or for something more like jashkenas ruby-processing JRubyArt

For a simpler version of JRubyArt install propane on MacOS, Windows. Linux.

Can you suggest a course for ruby? Or experienced developers like

The best way to learn is just try and create something yourself assuming you know a bit of ruby, there are plenty of worked examples for propane, and JRubyArt. Which can easily be installed

k9 --install # installs JRuby-complete and examples


propane --install

Similar for PiCrate if you are on RaspberryPI also sets up geany as your ide. I like atom but vim is good too with JRubyArt and propane.