Germany - A country full of opportunities for RoR Developers

Hello everybody!

I am looking for enthusiastic Ruby on Rails developers (Juniors/Seniors)
to strengthen the IT-team within a succesful company in Munich. Please
send me an email if you find this opportunity interesting and if you
want to have more info about the project.

I have other interesting job vacancies in Hamburg and Berlin, and also
for higher levels (Team Leader and Head of IT).

Thank you!!!

Mrs. Surinam Martinez
[email protected]


Since you’re proposing, in effect, a fairly major move for many
people, it’d be considerate to give some idea of salary ranges, and
what sorts of companies you are recruiting for.

In other words, saying that it’s a “successful company” isn’t a lot to
go on: most recruiters don’t try and entice you with lines like “a
company that’s failing due to horrible management is looking for a
junior developer to blame their next failure on” :slight_smile:

On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 5:11 PM, Surinam Martinez
[email protected] wrote:

Thank you!!!

David N. Welton

Thank you for your commentar :slight_smile:
I am not adding to much information because for me is really important
to have a direct contact with the people interested in a new
proffesional chalenge, so I prefer talking by phone or private email
about the job offer details (I will send you the info to your email
right now ;-))
About the salary range, this varies from 50,000€ to 120,000€ according
with experience and previous responsibilities, so I cannot give this
info without having a look to the candidate CV.

Hi Surinam,

Is it only onsite? Do you have any remote work possibilities?