Geolocation -- code for rails

Hi there,

I’ve put code together for using the data under Rails. is a community-based project to geolocate IP addresses,
making the database freely available. This database allows to translate
IP addresses to city/country/longitude and latitude. It can be
downloaded from the website. They have PHP code so far to
make any use of it.

My code can be found under

To test directly go to

It’s a simple start. If I get suggestions for changes I’ll apply them
before sending the code over to I don’t know how to get rid
of the %20, %2C etc. for some city names; these come with the database.

Please let me know.

See you


cool stuff.

I’v got an application error on your testing URL though.

Thanks for all the test visits from all continents.

As a result I fixed a silly bug and updated the code at

Hopefully it’s ok now.


it’s a test :slight_smile:

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