Geoip redirect by country codes but exclude a client with dynamic ip


The site has geoip redirection to subdomains using country codes, before
we only needed to exclude a directory from redirection but now my client
is asking me to exclude himself from it, how can I do this ?

Please note that his ip is dynamic, thanks for any help.

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Just an update, I used a custom user-agent to disable redirect for the
client, there is a plugin for firefox that allows to use custom
user-agents so he selects it and redirection stops, a simple if
statement in nginx config is applied for this purpose.

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If your only data is a dynamic IP, then i guess you’d have to rely on
the user agent. You might be able to replace that if-statement, what
are you using?


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if ( $http_user_agent = “BLABLA” ){

Thanks for the reply.

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