GeoIP Module

Does the GeoIP module still work with the latest Nginx release?

Also, does anyone have a copy of the module? The link on the wiki
doesn’t work.

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I ran a test on the debug server, and I added an entry to the geo list
to have the IP I was testing from. It got through our security without
any problem. I know for a fact that it is not working properly though,
perhaps load or memory is somehow causing problems with it on our other

The only difference between our test server and our production servers
is the test server uses the --debug compile flag, while the production
servers do not, but they do have the syslog patch applied, which should
not effect the geo lists as far as I understand.

The configs, distros, everything else is the same. We generate the
configs on a single system and then push them out to all of our servers,
including the debug server at the same time.

The reason I know that it is not working properly, is that one of our
customers websites running through our security had the google webcache
system pick up our security page rather then their web page. Our
security page lists the visitors IP address, which was the google
crawler IP. I took that IP and checked our geo list of search engines
that should be allowed through, and it was in the list. We’ve gone over
the configs to see if we perhaps missed the if statement mentioned
earlier which does the proxy_pass, but everything is in place, as it has
been working for quiet a while. We have had an increase in traffic
lately through our servers though, so I am curious if possible load
plays some factor in the geo lists being processed or something.

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I have done a bunch of more testing, and so far, the geo module appears
to be working, and this may be due to a configuration problem somewhere

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