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Hey there nginxers-

Is there a way to use a geoip database with nginx instead of
explicitely listing out all the IP ranges in the nginx.conf?
Something like this:

There is a modeul for apache and lighttpd for this type of stuff.
Any hints or help here? Or shoudl I just script something up to auto
generate the geoip config for nginx from one of these databases?


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On Tue, 25 Sep 2007, Ezra Z. wrote:

geoip config for nginx from one of these databases?
Hint 1:
You may use contrib/ script to convert maxmind’s geoip
database into nginx config format.

Hint 2:
You may use “include” directive to include additional file into
(e.g. your converted geoip database).

Maxim D.

  • contrib/ to convert MaxMind CSV database.


geo $IP_GEO

default --;
include /etc/nginx/geo_ip_country;

and proxy_set_header / fastcgi_param as usual

On 25.09.2007, at 23:52, Ezra Z. wrote:

auto generate the geoip config for nginx from one of these databases?

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quick, dumb follow up question on this…

what is the syntax for running

tried ./ GeoIPCountryWhois.csv geo.conf


./ GeoIPCountryWhois.csv > geo.conf

to no avail.

the script looks quite simple, and i tried to RTFM i.e look at the
script, but there’s no usage example, and it doesn’t look like there’s
any switches.

i tried hunting around for some similar examples, no luck.

im sure this is really simple, considering there isn’t even a usage
example, but im not very bright… i mean not a coder or perl guy…
could somebody help a brother out on this one

thanks in advance

awesome, thanks!

perl < GeoIPCountryWhois.csv > geo.conf

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