GeoIP gem working locally but not on server

I have the GeoIP gem working in my local environment (OSX), but when I
move the code to our dev server (Ubuntu) via scp then it doesn’t work -
looks like the file is being treated like a text file instead of binary:

g =“#{RAILS_ROOT}/lib/GeoIP.dat”)
NoMethodError: undefined method bytes' for "ved":String from /var/www/apps/buwebsite/releases/20110126214815/vendor/gems/geoip-0.8.9/lib/geoip.rb:672:in initialize’
upto' from /var/www/apps/buwebsite/releases/20110126214815/vendor/gems/geoip-0.8.9/lib/geoip.rb:671:in initialize’
from (irb):1:in `new’
from (irb):1

Any thoughts? I’m now considering a MySQL based approach which seems
like it has less potential for problems:



It has to do with the ruby version.

In Ruby 1.8.6, the String class does not have the method bytes. But in
Ruby 1.8.7 the String class does.

So I bet you have 1.8.6 on your Ubuntu and 1.8.7 on your OSX.


Bingo! Thanks Edmond, you are exactly correct. I appreciate your help.