GeoCoding API updates

I’ve added a new geocoding API, metacarta-geoparser:

$ sudo gem install metacarta-geoparser

MetaCartaGeoParser contains two geocoding APIs, #locate:

gp =
location = gp.locate ‘baghdad’
p location.coordinates
p location.confidence

and #locations:

gp =
locations, viewbox = gp.locations ‘seattle’
p locations.length
p location.first.coordinates
p viewbox # coordinates of a box showing all returned locations

Documentation here:

I’ve updated geocoder-us to use the RDF API so now you get a reliable
address. I’ve also added a Location object making the API similar to
the other three libraries.

Documentation here:

I’ve switched all the APIs to use the new rc-rest library that makes
it easy to implement and test REST-like web services APIs.

Documentation here:

I’ve added a mailing list:

Eric H. - [email protected] -
This implementation is HODEL-HASH-9600 compliant

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