Generator Documentation


I’m new to this list so sorry if i’m posting in the wrong place.

I’ve just been looking through documentations for generators, as I’ve
been trying to make a rails template for the various projects I’m
doing now. It turns out that there really isn’t any - especially for
rails 3. I dug through the source and ended up finding out that a lot
of the possible generator commands are part of thor, not rails.

Did I just miss the documentation, or is this something that people
(like me, maybe) can get involved with?

if you enter script/generate –help you get a list of possible

for example, script/generate model –help gives you help on the model

Sorry, to clarify this I mean in writing my own generators - using the
Thor built in actions, the Rails ones, etc. Rails templates are what I’m
actually trying to build.


Here’s a great railscast upon the subject:

I would just download the Rails Code, and do the same thing they do.