Generating Unique Tokens for Assets within Rails Application

I’ve been developing an application in Rails 3.0.3 using Ruby 1.9.2.
It is one of my first applications using Rails 3 and I am quite
pleased with the progress thus far. However, I am wanting to add a
feature that I have thought through, but I am not sure where to really

Essentially, I am building a dumping ground for files, much like
Dropbox, however this is mostly for personal storage. Currently, I
have files (assets) being uploaded and placed into a folder. I’m
using numerous gems to assist:

Devise, for authentication
Paperclip, Bcrypt, AWS-s3, mocha, and nifty-generators.

Currently a user is only able to see his/her assets and folders. You
can Share your folders with other users of the application, which
works great. However, now I am wanting to integrate a feature that
you could generate a token which would be used to link an individual
not using the application to a file. I’m wanting to allow each asset
to have numerous tokens in use, currently.

Essentially, you upload a file (asset) and when you upload it, it gets
an id ( I have another scaffold I’ve created Token, which
belongs_to :assets and has:


I’m not sure how to move forward from here. I want you to click a
link, and it will generate a key. Then you could email this key off
to someone and they would click the link and download the file. That
would be my starting point, from there I could work out the UI to
control multiple keys, expirations,etc. For now, just a single use-
once off key that once they use it, it sets used_at to that datetime
and makes it unavailable. So unless @token.used_at.nil? , say sorry
this token is invalid. Otherwise, allow them to download the file, or
present them with a page/view… etc

Make sense?

I’m just looking for direction, not the code :slight_smile:



you want to generate a nonce (number used once), i have seen this
i think devise uses a similar approach for token authentication, what
you do

you create a route that catches the token

match “blah/:token”

to create

you ca be more creative


def authorize
@token = Token.find_by_nonce(params[:token])
session[:token][email protected]
return true
rescue ActiveRecord::recordnotfound
sesion[:token]= nil
return false

dont put the files in the public folder, apache serve the file from
not rails, anyone can get them by putting the right path on the url no
matter if they are authenticated on the rails app or not, instead put
file where apache cant server them (anywhere inside the app folder but
outside the public folder) and use
send them to the user if the authorize action returns true. If you are
deploying with capistrano done forget to send the file to the shared
directory and create a symbolic link to the location where the file are
suppose to be in the app.

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