Generating Reports in Ruby On Rails

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I need to generate reports from my ROR application with following
(1) Query builder where a user can specify various filter conditions
(2) Support for html & pdf reports
(3) Standard Toolbar with print, save report.

Is there any standard plugin available which will cater to above
Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

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On 11/30/06, Medha K. [email protected] wrote:

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Take a look at the Ruport library:
and the assoicated Rails plugin:

I know it can export to different formats and build queries, but
allowing the user to build custom filters and having toolbars and what
not may require custom coding.

In addition to Ruport there is the ActiveWarehouse plugin for Rails
( which I am developing. It
won’t meet the export to PDF nor will it handle saving reports but it
may provide a basis for customization.

Anthony E.

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