Generated check_box(es) & committing to db


I have some view code generating a list of check boxes based on the
values in a table:

<% @categories = Category.find(:all, :order => “name” ) %>
<% for category in @categories -%>
<%= check_box (“cats”, “category_id”, options = {},, 0 )
%>  <%= %>

<% end %>

“cats” represents a many_to_many relationship between the entity
“Category” and another entity. I’m creating “cats” in my controller in
a new method:

The Category table contains:

goal_id(other entity)
category_id(the thing I’m capturing with the check boxes)
And a timestamp

In my controller, all i’m doing is:

@cats =
@cats.goal_id =

So what I want to happen is when the checkbox is click in the view, and
the user clicks “create” in the form, I want the value of “”
inserted into the table “Category” with goal_id. I already have

Where am I getting stuck? Thanks again for your help!


I’ve now updated my view code:

<% @categories = Category.find(:all, :order => “name” ) %>
<% fields_for :category_goals do |f| %>
<% for category in @categories -%>
<%= f.check_box :entity_id %>  <%= %>

<% end %>
<% end %>

My checkboxes generate fine, but I still have no way of storing the as the entity_id even though the fields_for allows me to
have these categories within this goal. The problem is that I don’t
know how to make the bridge between the multiple responses I would get
when the check_box is checked (in f.check_box) and the one action of
submitting this form.

Thanks again!