Generate Extension problem

I’m getting this problem, and I can’t fix it, any clue?

tigger:~/src/sposivip/trunk intinig$ script/generate
extension_controller dummy ‘admin/foo’ bar
The name ‘admin’ is reserved by Ruby on Rails.
Please choose an alternative and run this generator again.


Try your command without the quotes on admin/foo.


Tried, same error.

2007/7/4, Sean C. [email protected]:

That is really odd… it shouldn’t be a reserved word. I ran your
command verbatim and can’t reproduce the error. What’s your system


OSX 10.4, radiant was checked out a week or so ago and all the tests
pass. Andrea F., working on the same codetree on his box (osx too)
has the same problem.

2007/7/4, Sean C. [email protected]:

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