Generate digital audio: tones, etc

I want to play around with writing Ruby scripts that generate electronic
music. That is, my program generates tones, waves, beats, et cetera, and
sends them to the sound device.

I’ve played around for an hour or two on my Linux box, generating 8-bit
waves and shunting them to /dev/dsp. This is fun, but is there a Ruby
project that already has the notes and effects and so forth? My google
searches didn’t turn up anything.

Only Linux compatibility is required. ALSA is my main audio system, with
the OSS compatibility device available.

On 12/12/2010 02:30 AM, Terry M. wrote:

the OSS compatibility device available.

You could try bloopsaphone:

A quick search on github might find related/better stuff.


Bloopsaphone looks great. Only thing I haven’t figured out yet: Is it
possible to produce a “dotted note”, for example, a dotted-quarter note
that lasts for 3/8 of a measure?

In regular rtttl you would do this by just placing a dot after the note
description, but this doesn’t seem to work in Bloopsaphone. Wanted to
ask the original author (who mysteriously calls himself “why the lucky
stiff” in his source code) but he didn’t leave a solid trail to follow.