Generat a hash from 2 arrays ala Perl

In Perl you can generate a hash from key and value arrays as
Also %hash = qw/ a 1 b 2 c 3/.
How are these things done in Ruby?
So far many things I’ve tried in irb failed.


clés = [‘hal’, 666, [1,2,3]]
vals = [‘ibm’, ‘devil’, 123]

hash = clé
p hash

Thank you sir,
I failed to mention that I’m limited to Ruby 1.9.3 and the Array.to_h post dates that. I’ve also tried Hash.try_convert with no luck.
The best I’ve come up with is:
keys = %w/a b c/
values = *(1…3)
(0…keys.length).each{ |i| hash[ keys[i] ] = values[i] }
I’ve yet to concoct anything that will turn [‘a’,1,‘b’,2,‘c’,3] into a hash.
Thank you for the effort anyway.
BTW, are you kin to Isaac Asimov? I’ve read many of his books.

I am a huge fan of him. And everything related to AI.

Here an older method to do it:

clés = [‘hal’,666,[1,2,3]]
vals = [‘ibm’,‘devil’,123]

hash = Hash[clé]

p hash # => {“hal” => “ibm”, 666 => “devil”, [1, 2, 3] => 123}

#récupérer la valeur liée à la clé [1,2,3]
puts hash[ [1,2,3] ] # => 123

That’s more elegant than anything else I’ve seen I’ll be adopting it.
Thank you.

Mike, since I’ve seen you put quite a few posts up, you might want to know that you can get your code formatted by indenting it four spaces. E.g.:


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I’ve been using indentation for decades in my code but who ever built this website removes my indentation and what they do to links should be considered a sin.
BTW, I put spaces at the beginning of this line but you’ll never see them.
Thanks for the ‘cheat sheet’, I’ll take a look.

This site is markdown-based, as are many these days. It will also accept HTML tags. I’ve been around for a long time as you have, and I must say that once I got used to markdown I liked it a great deal.