General setup questions

Hello all,

I am venturing into the wide world of Ruby and IronRuby. I have the
IronRuby source code setup and building thanks to Ben H. and some
clarifications from this forum. I am building via Visual Studio.
Currently, I am able to do some .Net interop. Right now, I am a little
confused on how or if Ruby interacts with IronRuby. Do I need to
install Ruby in a specific location? Are there any settings I need to
set? And if so which ones and where? And finally, I want to verify
whether there are issues with Windows Ruby and Ruby install via cygwin?




IronRuby itself is (or will be) a complete ruby implementation. You do
need to have CRuby installed. You can use an existing ruby installation
build IronRuby using rake, as you are building via Visual Studio you do
require this.

As for the last part, I’m not sure what issues you are referring to, I
most of my day to day ruby via cygwin, I also have win32 Ruby (via the
one-click installer) for testing the rakefile for IronRuby…

Thanks for the response. I was refering to the following post:

Also, I am using the e-text editor, which uses cygwin ruby, and when I
install the one click, I get ruby load errors when running cygwin ruby.

You can run both, the issue can occur when GEM_HOME points to the others
directory, i.e. you’re in cygwin and GEM_HOME points to the one click
installer’s gem repository.