General iplementation question Do I need polymorphic here

I have to create a request for an organization and also to create a
request for many Contacts…Now what I do is treating all these in a
single table say request and it has all the fields like
organization_name, contact_name etc Here company_name is at atime one
for a request but contacts are more than one say primary_contacts,other
contacts etc…what my question I tried here a polymorphic relation here
class request <ActiveRecord
belongs_to :request,:ploymorphic=>true
class Organization <ActiveRecord
has_one :request,:as=>:request
class Contact <ActiveRecord
has_one :request,:as=>:request

But I think this not correct since it makes sense like

orgnization.request and

      But what I need is the reverse way..(Am I right?)..Please help

to properly arrange this

Thanks in advance

I shal explain more. I have say three tabs like
Organization PrimaryContact OtherContacts

And each tab contains there own information and at bottom a common save
button there.When clicking on that what happens is a new Request is
created and it has to associate and save with the above data…But here I
dont know how to form the tables and the relations and also in REST way
Please help