GemInstaller 0.5.1 Released

GemInstaller 0.5.1 has been released!

by Chad W.


Automated Gem installation, activation, and much more!


GemInstaller provides automated installation, loading and activation
of RubyGems. It uses a simple YAML config file to:

  • Automatically install the correct versions of all required gems
    wherever your app runs.
  • Automatically ensure installed gems and versions are consistent
    across multiple applications, machines, platforms, and environments
  • Automatically activate correct versions of gems on the ruby load
    path when your app runs (‘require_gem’/‘gem’)
  • Automatically reinstall missing dependency gems (built in to RubyGems


  • Automatically detect correct platform to install for multi-platform
    gems (built in to RubyGems > 1.0)
  • Print YAML for “rogue gems” which are not specified in the current
    config, to easily bootstrap your config file, or find gems that were
    manually installed without GemInstaller.
  • Allow for common configs to be reused across projects or
    environments by supporting multiple config files, including common
    config file snippets, and defaults with overrides.
  • Allow for dynamic selection of gems, versions, and platforms to be
    used based on environment vars or any other logic.
  • Avoid the “works on demo, breaks on production” syndrome
  • Solve world hunger, prevent the global energy crisis, and wash your

=== Quick Start:



  • [sudo] gem install geminstaller