Gem versions and Gem lists different after update

For awhile now I’ve not had any issues with using any of the gem
commands. Everything was working fine.

Yesterday, I updated to rubygems 1.3.5 and right after doing so, when I
perform a gem list it only sees rubygems-update 1.3.5 and nothing else.

However, if I run a gem -v it shows 1.3.4. Furthermore, my applications
and my projects all work fine. So, it appears that everything knows to
look in the real directory:

C:\ruby\bin\lib\ruby\gems\1.8 path…

But… when I do any updates or installs they go into the…


Here is my current gem env:

RubyGems Environment:

I notice that there are two paths in GEM PATHS. The .gem folder is in
my users/username path.

I have not touched or done anything to my system other than performing
this lone update. I do not know how to fix it so that everything goes
back to the way it was…

I want all my gem installs and gem updates to occur in the real
directory they’ve always been occurring in. I’ve searched the web, read
the docs, and can’t find anything related to windows and this issue.

I’m using Vista, and the Ruby 1.8.6 one-click installer for windows so
everything was set for me.

What can I do to fix this?

I fixed this issue - just a simple problem but hard to catch unless you
have good eyes:



I’m so used to working on linux and windows both that this looked
perfectly fine to me. However, on windows it should have had a full
directory path. Therefore, when it didn’t exist, it automatically
created a lib directory under the root of C:\ and started to place gems
in there.

I actually like having them in a separate place because I use more than
one ruby installation so I moved all my gems to this location and it’s
working fine now.

Just an fyi in case someone else has this issue.