Gem: to_lang -- translating why to Japanese and back again

$ ruby ~/Desktop/google-translate.rb

Playing around with a new RubyGem named: to_lang that extends Ruby’s
String class with a REST API to Gooigle Translate.
GitHub - jimmycuadra/to_lang: Translate Ruby strings and arrays with Google Translate.

Selections from why the luck stiffs last 300 tweets …
_why's Estate - @_why's Last Tweets

Translations to Japanese and back again to English courtesy of Google
_why's Estate - @_why's Last Tweets


“It’s fantastic how beets stain a salad.”.to_japanese.to_english
=> “This is a fantastic way to beat a salad staining.”

This gas station thinks it’s a castle. you have no need for
crenellations! you have no peasantry to shower hot oil upon!

This gas station, I think it is the castle. You do not need to
crenellations! Farmers have to shower you with hot oil!

Redefining marriage to mean “arguing with a portly fellow at sears over
why screwdriver handles are clear.” get me out of this.

To redefine marriage, “arguing that clears the portly fellow with the
handle of the driver because of Sears.” Get this I mean.

I try to tan my bottom so if people tell me to cram something where the
sun don’t shine i can say “oh ho but it does shine! it

Because people tell me how to cram the sun do not shine what can I say,
you try to tan if I ran out, the “Oh Ho, it does not
shine! Not have it!”

I try to keep my zealotry for levine reeled in, but the woman deserves
her own shuttlebus with glow-in-the-dark banana stickers
all over it.

I was trying to reel in women Levine maintains my enthusiasm for my
shuttle’s worth of banana stickers glow in the dark world.

Everybody thinks facebook is inspector gadget’s computer book. but
really it’s just a day planner that unfolds into a polo

Sign up for Facebook to everyone, and I think the Inspector Gadget of
the computer. But the day planner so it just expands polo

This day is like being punched in the face with love. and you look in
the mirror and the black eye is this glorious heart shape.

This day is like to be punched in the face with love. You look in the
mirror, black eyes, the heart shape to this glory.

My neighbors are out, so i am alone to enjoy the nice, barely audible
hawaiian tunes airing on their porch radio.

I have come up with a neighbor, I like the radio broadcast of the porch,
just enjoy the Hawaiian music barely audible.

Like a plain empty sky, it looks flat until you gather it in breaths and
make yourself small, becoming fearful of it even if
it’s nothing

You have to collect it from breathing, as their smaller planes, even if
it is nothing to be afraid of it looks flat

The police force says they don’t need me and my trombone in crowd
control. i think i need to go back and sell it as a “tune

The police say that does not require me and my trombone in their crowd
control. I have to go back and sell it as i feel the
need to “adjust the bazooka.”

If you see a self-sufficient plastic bird flying around, don’t wonder if
orville redenbacher’s son is inside. you have other
things to do.

If you see birds flying around you plastic self-sufficient if the
internal redenbacher Orville’s son, no wonder. I have other
things you do.

Machismo strikes me as a facade: to cover up for human vulnerability,
maybe to set a rigid pecking order and drown out the weak.

Set a strict pecking order, perhaps drowning out the weak, to cover the
exchange of human vulnerability: Masculinity is strikes
me as a facade.

I realize now that sneaking into an elderly woman’s house to try on her
trifocals is wrong on so many levels. especially the
middle one.

Because I sneak into the house of an elderly woman, she is wrong on many
levels that it provides to try trifocals. Especially
the middle.