Gem require 'activerecord' or 'active_record'

Hi comp.lang.ruby

I am doing my first thing with ActiveRecord (without Rails), and to
help me out I have the ‘Pro ActiveRecord’ book from APress, which is a
fine resource, except from one annoying thing; all pieces of sample
code in the book uses the statement:

require ‘activerecord’

which refuses to work on both my windows-ruby and ubuntu-ruby setups.
Searching this group I learned that using the statement:

require ‘active_record’

solves that problem. What am I missing? What’s the difference between
the two, and why is only one of them working on my code?

regards, henning

It may have something to do with the version of ruby installed, or how
activerecord was installed, or ruby was setup, etc etc.
I recall that older versions of ruby need you to require ‘rubygems’ to
access libraries installed with gem, where newer versions do not. It
could be some similar sort of switch in behavior…


Is it ok, to post Rails questions in this ruby list?

I have one question.

Can we have modules and mixins in rails framework? If so, what is the
place to put it in the MVC framework.

Specifically I have one SuperClass and three sub classes, except some
the functionality of the sub classes can be inherited from the super

I can give you much more details.