Gem problem behind proxy with authorization


I am trying again to pick up question about Gem behind proxy with
Problem related to

Seems that is most requestable bug in Gem project.

I am sitting behind proxy with authorization and only this problem gives
no rest. After installing DamageControl that requires
more then 10 gems I decided to investigate this problem by myself.

First of all Open-uri lib does not support http_proxy with
encoded in URL.
So it does not correctly parse my EnvVariable
I patched open-uri to solve this problem. To be honest I patch open-uri
from RubyCVS version that will be in Ruby 1.8.4 version.

Here you can find patch and here full *.rb
). I have replaced following file “C:\Program
Files\ruby\lib\ruby\site_ruby\1.8\rubygems\open- uri.rb” with patched

And following code(insied patched open-uri)
io.status = [resp.code, resp.message]
p io.status
give us
[“200”, “OK”]

So now socket connection seems ok.

Also I have tried to dump data that comes from socket (see it here
) and I found that it is absolutely the same files as
So Gem could download index file. Proxy wall passed!!! I feel
solution is
somewhere close to me.
But I try to run gem and I get error

C:\Documents and Settings\anatol>gem list -r --backtrace

Updating Gem source index for:
ERROR: HTTP Response 407

No stacktrace, no error. What I am doing wrong?? How could I get more
How to figure place where error occurred.
Please help me. I want to solve this problem very much. I want to use