Gem install problem


I’m following Dan Benjamin’s install tutorial and got stuck at the gem
install. It looks like it installed successfully but the gem command
is not recognized. I located another rubygems install from macports at
rb-rubygems/” and tried to do a port uninstall and got “Error: port
uninstall failed: Registry error: rubygems not registered as
installed.” Any help would be appreciated.

Successfully built RubyGem
Name: sources
Version: 0.0.1
File: sources-0.0.1.gem
Removing old RubyGems RDoc and ri…
Installing rubygems-0.9.2 ri…
Installing rubygems-0.9.2 rdoc…

As of RubyGems 0.8.0, library stubs are no longer needed.
Searching $LOAD_PATH for stubs to optionally delete (may take a
No library stubs found.

$ cd …
$ sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies
sudo: gem: command not found

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 3:50 PM, neridaj [email protected] wrote:

installed." Any help would be appreciated.
I think that the path above is just the sources that MacPorts knows
for RubyGems. If RubyGems were installed via MacPorts and /opt/local/bin
were on your $PATH, you could use the gem command.

No library stubs found.

That’s quite an old release of RubyGems. The latest is 1.3.1. Maybe you
should remove anything that was installed as part of 0.9.2 and try again
with the latest release.