Gem error on Vista

Hi All,

I have to install a RoR development system on a new Vista notebook.

When I get to ‘gem install anything’ I get the following error.

c:\ruby>gem install mysql
ERROR: While executing gem … (Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError)
Errno::ECONNABORTED: An established connection was aborted by the
software i
n your host machine. reading | your community gem host.

I have gem 1.1.0 installed

It does not appear to be a firewall issue !

This is Vista Business with SP1

cheers, Dave
p.s. Please no comments about getting a Mac - that line is getting
somewhat worn - I don’t disagree that Mac is the best platform for RoR
development, but this is being set up for an overseas trip and I’m
also a Windows App developer, so to take two notebook is just not an
option !

are you running cmd as administrator?

Yes I am - thanks for that…

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Jonzo wrote:
| are you running cmd as administrator?

Shouldn’t be necessary if Ruby and Rubygems are installed in their own
directory outside of \Programs.

Phillip G.

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Here’s a link to a thread that is mainly a flame war, but somewhere in
the mix they mentioned that gems were broken and you had to remove from your gems sources. This might not apply to
vista though, and I couldn’t really see through the flames to find
more details on the solution, but here’s the thread:

On Apr 10, 4:44 pm, Phillip G. [email protected]

Thanks, but did not appear to have anything relevant - will keep
cheers, Dave

Were you able to install any other gems successfully?

What version of MySQL are you using BTW? Probably not related, but
when I wrote up my recipe for Vista a couple of weeks ago, I ran in to
issues with MySQL and the gem (see
I actually left UAC turned off on one of my passes through the

I’ve since received comments of folks running in to other problems
doing things like gem update --system and getting access violations.

I’m away from my Vista VM at the moment, so can’t check my current
version numbers.


Thanks Chris - I actually ran through your guide to do this, so thanks
for that…

I have UAC turned off, so I assume this is not an issue.

I seemed to get the same type of error on any 'gem install … ’

I may not get back to this until the weekend, but I’ll keep you

I also downloaded the InstandtRails install, but have not had time to
try that yet.
Let you know.
regards, Dave