Gdk::DataSelection, array?

hi all,

a question about setting #DataSelection in a drag and drop… can i
drag an array?

i’m making a music directory browser, and i’ve got a TreeView with a
bunch of song titles in it set as a drag source. the TreeView is set
for multiple selection.
the thing is, i’m not interested in dragging the titles, but rather
the full paths to the songs - so…
i set up a hash, with the keys being the song titles, and the paths as
the values. then, in the TreeView#signal_connect(“drag_data_get”)
block, i load all the song titles selected into an array, which is then
passed through a block which treats each song title as a key, and passes
the key’s value (the song’s path) into another array.
what i’m trying to do is pass this array of paths into the
Gdk::DataSelection associated with the “drag_data_get” block.
sorry if my explanation hasn’t made too much sense - basically i just
want to drag an array!
here’s a look at what i’m working with:


(@view is my TreeView, @listselection is the TreeView#selection

@selarray = []
@hash = {}
@dragdata = []

Gtk::Drag.source_set(@view, Gdk::Window::BUTTON1_MASK,
[[“text/plain”, 0, 0]],

@view.signal_connect(“drag_data_get”) {|w, c, data, i, t|
@listselection.selected_each{|m, path, iter| @selarray << iter[0]}
@selarray.collect{|entry| @dragdata << @hash[entry]}
data.set(Gdk::Selection::TYPE_STRING, @dragdata.to_s)

this works, but returns a string of the array (obviously, as the
last line would indicate,) and not the array itself. i’ve searched
through the Gdk::Selection types, and the Gdk::DataSelection methods,
but haven’t seen anything that lets me pass the array as an array rather
than a string.

any ideas? is this just a ridiculous thing to do in the first place?

thanks -


One thing off the top of my head is that using the
title of the song as a key isn’t going to work all
the time. I have several songs with the same name
(for some reason if you are Japanese you have to write
a song called “Rainbow” :wink:

What I have done in the past is create a ListStore where the first
column is the actual object that I want to select. The
remaining columns contain the data I want. I don’t render
the first column. When a row is selected, I take the object
out from the first column of the ListStore.

Hope that helps!


Ok, I have a weird one this wasn’t a problem under Ruby 1.8.6. On our
newest release I am playing with
See the subject line, when ever I am closing down my Ruby GTK app, it
get the following message

warning instance variable __windows__not initialized
Segmentation fault(core dump)

First off, I am running on RHEL 5.4, with Ruby 1.9.2-p180, and
(I am stuck on 0.90.5 because this app has lots of canvas objects in it)

The stack trace of the ruby interpreter doesn’t help me much. I think it
is in the garbage collection. I have a very similar non GTK app that
oesn’t have an of this problems.

So there are tons of variables in this. I was just wondering if anyone
had seen this message before

warning instance variable __windows__not initialized

I did a google on it and found some old references. Anyone have a clue
as to what this could be?


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Not everything works fine in the app, it seems to be just on shutdown.
And it seems to have gotten through all my code. It happens after the


Mike C. wrote in post #992904:

One thing off the top of my head is that using the
title of the song as a key isn’t going to work all
the time.

good point…

What I have done in the past is create a ListStore where the first
column is the actual object that I want to select.

good idea…

Hope that helps!

sure does… thanks for the idea - i’ll get crackin’ on it and see
what i come up with.

thanks again,


Oops I meant to say everything works fine in the app. Its just at
shutdown. As usual, ask a problem and you end up figuring it out
yourself. I was missing my calling destroy on a class that had a bunch
of objects. With Gtk 0.95 it still had the bug where not
calling destroy on this guy make it core dump.

Anyways, sorry to waste your bandwidth.