Gateway In Danger

List members, please take a moment to verify that you are not sending
spam complaints to the server team that hosts the Ruby T. mailing
list. This includes automated complaints from spam monitoring
software (SpamCop, for example).

Some spam is a natural part of the gating process as we move messages
from Usenet. This is just part of your Ruby T. membership and a
header notice of this policy is included with all gated messages.

Spam complaints have placed my company in violation of our service
provider’s Acceptable Use Policy. I’ve explained the situation, but
their AUP does not require them to investigate the validity of the
complaints. If they now tell us to shut the gateway process down, we
must do so to avoid loosing our servers.

Should that happen, I will no longer maintain the gateway. I can pass
the code to another willing host though, if someone steps forward.

I’ve attempted to contact the user sending the complaints and asked
them to stop. That’s about all I can do.

James Edward G. II