Gallery2 integration

Is anybody working already in a gallery2/rails integration?

I need to use it as part of my project, so, before start from scratch
with it I’d like to know if already is something out there.


Hello Matias ~

I don’t think that gallery2 could be “integrated” into rails. You could
have a separate instance of Gallery running and link to it from a Rails
app. I have not gotten Gallery 2 working with lighttpd yet, and have
tableau (spelling?) for a simple gallery solution.

~ Ben

Well… what I’m planning to do, is a set of php scripts that will act
as a “gateway” between my rails app and the Gallery “integration
methods”. For example, I could hava a show_random_thum.php who
internally interacts with gallery2 (see and then call it
throught http (?) or even, simply by running system(‘php script.php’)

I think this could work. ¿Any suggest?

Ben R.
escribió:> Hello Matias ~