Gallery description getting clipped

I’m running a site with Radiant 0.9.1 and the Gallery extension (0.9.1
hairballopolis). Gallery is working fine except that the text I’ve
in the description for some of the images is getting cutoff at about
characters when displayed. Oddly, it’s not chopping the text at the same

You can see the results here:
(look at
text for Ron Mann, for example)

The linkroll takes images and descriptive text from a hidden gallery.
Nothing unusual in the html or css. When editing the descriptive text in
admin UI, I can type more text, save it, edit it again and the “extra”
is still there. But when the page is displayed and then I come back to
the gallery item, the description is chopped again.

Anyone else seen similar behavior or have an inkling as to what might be
happening? I’m stumped.