GA511 card


I am trying to run the /find_usrp/s and I got the following error “no
USRP2 found”.

-My configuration is Ubuntu 8.04 with a Netgear GA511 Gigabit PCMCIA
card with USRP2.

-I successfully installed boost library with configurations as described
by other users in this mailing list.

-I just uploaded the SD card Firmware images for USRP2 and it seems that
it work properly.

-I am using the right port. With the command: /find_usrps –e eth4.

However, when I am connecting the Ethernet cable between GA511 gigabit
card and the USRP2 the communication indicators (form both gigabit card
and USRP2) are not turned on green.

I am not sure if there is any specific procedure to test the Ethernet

Connection with USRP2. Please let me know, if there is possible to
connect a GA511 card with USRP2?

Thank you,