FYI Code Review: rackupdate4

tfpt unshelve /shelveset:“rackupdate4;REDMOND\jimmysch”

Note: the diff has been truncated of adding a Rails example and a bunch
of gems (see below).

Fixes for running rack-based applications

Ruby changes:

  • Put ESPIPE class in Errno module; it was defined at top-level which is
    incorrect, and Sinatra’s error-reporting depends on it.
  • Remove ‘hacks’ from irake; it doesn’t exist anymore

IronRuby.Rack changes:

  • request.body is always a string
  • rack.input should never have a null contents (eg.
  • rack.version should be set to Rack::VERSION, rather than hardcoded.
  • Ruby errors shouldn’t be swallowed because the error handler threw
  • Generate the rack env with Ruby types the first time around, and only
    execute Ruby code where needed.
  • Make sure AppPath is a full path
  • Lazy load web.config settings, and allow setting RACK_ENV from
  • Remove locks in HttpHandler and HttpHandlerFactory; may revert this
    change after speaking with the ASP.NET team to better understand
    the request architecture.
  • Requests are processed asynchronously
  • Manually set TOPLEVEL_BINDING since it’s not set automatically when
    IronRuby is embedded.
  • Canonlicalize paths of files added to the load path, so Ruby files
    always show “/” as the path separator.
  • Always log exceptions to ironrack.log, and only show them to the HTML
    page when RACK_ENV is ‘development’.
  • Update Rails example app, and run all examples in RACK_ENV production
  • Add Rails example that uses ActiveRecord (IronRuby.RailsDB.Example)
  • Update gems: rails 2.3.5, sinatra 0.9.4, ironruby-sqlserver 0.1.0,
    rspec 1.3.0, and make sure the executables are in the gembin dir.
  • Add Microsoft.Dynamic.csproj to IronRuby.Rack.sln
  • Update permissions instructions in README.
  • Clean up little perf test, and add an actual test of IronRuby.Rack,
    though testing is still very lacking.

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