Fxri for windows?


I bought a book, Apress Beginning Ruby from Novice to Professional
recommended by Ruby ( & www.ruby-lang.org under “books” heading)

I have downloaded and installed ruby with rubyinstaller-1.9.2-p180.exe.
It seems not installed fxri and SCITE.

So is it possible that fxri does not come with this installer.
Moreover, it does not include SCITE.

How to install fxri by using Windows 7? Any command lines?

Will SCITE be straightforward installation?

Thanks kindly in advance


Michael S. wrote in post #988611:

It seems not installed fxri and SCITE.

I don’t have an answer for you (I’m not using Windows), but I thought
it’d be useful that I mention ‘tkri’:


I use it myself and I know somebody who uses Windows that uses it. (By
default it runs the “qri.bat” command. I think you’ll want to change it
to “ri.bat”.)

You’ll have to have the ‘tk’ toolkit installed.

SCITE does not come with 1.9.2, neither does it come with 1.8.7.
You can do a search and download Scite that runs as a script (I use PC-
do not know about other OS). As long as you create a desktop shortcut it
is not too bad.
I do not know if the 1.9.2 with it’s differences from the 1.8 series of
Ruby works in Scite when you press F5.
I use 1.8.7 at the moment.
Instead of the fxri of 1.8.6 use the irb in 1.9.2 that comes with the
installer package.

The geany homepage says it works on windows:

Notepad++ [http://notepad-plus-plus.org/] seems to be a more native
windows lightweight-editor-with-ide-features based on the scintilla
component, though - I’ve not used it, but it seems to play in the same
space that geany does (if slightly more towards the editor than the
IDE side), and it has tons of fans.


I can’t say enough good things about geany, the editor that was forked
from SCITE ( to the best of my knowledge.) Not sure if there is a
windows port.

David H.

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