[Fwd: [webkit-dev] Moving forward with WebKit/GTK+]

Since a few people seemed interested, I thought it was worth sharing
this message from the webkit-dev list with the people here. So far,
there’s been no responses, but it was only sent last night.

I didn’t get a chance to get near a computer over the weekend, so I
don’t have any additional progress with the Ruby/WebKit bindings to
report. I’m going to try and fit it in at some stage this week.


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been going into improving the engine backends and frontends, including
It happens that quite a bit of missing API bits are already written and
[Curl] Rewrite of curl backend to run in event loop
The fact that WebKit/GTK+ doesn’t go forward is starting to harm its
much we could have done.
April, I believe Christian Dywan, is a very good candidate.

Andrew S. Townley [email protected]