Fwd: Video Streaming Issue (most probably at receiving end)


Again, I did some more work and the details are as under.

  1. I have created a single flowgraph without USRP hardware. For your
    reference the file is enclosed with the name of
    This work fine and we can see the stream video output without any

  2. To continue further I splitted the above mentioned file into
    and receiver side along with the inclusion of USRP source and sink
    respectively. Their flowgraphs are enclosed with the name of gmsk_tx.grc
    and gmsk_rx.grc, respectively. The FFT plot shows that (vdo
    transmission.png enclosed) transmitter and receiver handshakes with each
    other but the signal difference between the transmitter and the receiver
    side is 80 dB. I further noticed that whenever I stopped the
    the received signal at the receiver further drops to -120 dB.

I really get stuck in this issue for the last two days. I need your
assistant to resolve this problem as I am a newbie in gnuradio using

Thanks in advance.

Syed Aqeel R.

The signal level on the transmitter FFT seems very high.
Make sure that the IQ samples sent to the USRP are
not being clipped.


Hi Ron,

Thanks for your suggestion. It works for me :slight_smile:

Syed Aqeel R.

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