Fwd: Utah programming contest, $20,000 in prizes

If you happen to live in the area – though this is the second contest
under a year, it might be worth moving here. :wink:

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From: Brian P. [email protected]
Date: Apr 9, 2007 1:33 PM
Subject: [urug] Utah programming contest, $20,000 in prizes
To: Utah Ruby U. Group [email protected]

Berkeley Data Systems is holding another programmer “deathmatch”
coding competition this Saturday, April 14th. First prize is a little
over $10,000, second is over $5,000 and all eight people who make it
to the final round will win some cash!

Check out the details and sign up at http://contest.mozy.com/

IMHO, Ruby users have a huge advantage in competitions like this –
you can read Pat’s writeup of last November’s contest here: