Fwd: ruport-util 0.2.0

Hey Folks,

This release of ruport-util integrates Ruport::Mailer, as it will
disappear from developmental Ruport as of 0.9.4, due out later today.

If you’ve not yet checked out our developmental releases of Ruport, or
if you would like some extra info about them, you can check out our
User’s Field Guide to 0.9

If you don’t know what Ruby Reports is, poke around our wiki:

Release notes follow. Enjoy!

== Ruby Reports Utilities (ruport-util)

== What is it? ==

A collection of tools / helper libs to use with Ruby Reports.

Current support includes:

  • Simple Invoice Support
  • Graphing Integration via Scruffy
  • A basic Report Manager
  • Report Emailer using MailFactory

== Requirements ==

You need to be running developmental Ruport to use these tools:

gem install ruport -y --source http://gems.rubyreports.org

should do the trick.

** ruport-util currently needs Ruport >= 0.9.3 **

== Get it ==

Available via RubyGems on RubyForge

gem install ruport-util

Also available via file download:

Also available via SVN:

== Caveats ==

This code is experimental, incomplete, and possibly buggy.
Don’t expect it to stabilize until Ruport 1.0 has been released.

That having been said, it may already be useful.

== Examples ==

There are some examples included with the gem, and you can also browse
them here:

Also, keep an eye on the Ruport Blog. This month, we are trying to
get out one post per day of hacks and examples, and there is at least
one more ruport-util post in the queue that’ll be out shortly.


== Get Help ==

If you find bugs, have questions, or want to share some ideas, catch
up with us on the Ruport mailing list (http://list.rubyreports.org) or
via #ruport on Freenode.