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Subject: Re: running ruby
Date: Tuesday 04 September 2007
From: yahdoco [email protected]
To: Konrad M. [email protected]

The screen is black and the words on it are white. I can’t read the words
because the screen disappears too quickly.
How can I make the screen stay visible until I choose to click it off?
How can I change the screen so that the words are in black letters on a
white background?

Go to the start menu > Run, and type “cmd” (sans quotation marks). This
should open a command prompt you can use to run it (“ruby hello.rb”).
Hope it helps,

I went to the Start Menu. I clicked on Run. A dialog box came up with
the word OPEN:
I entered hello.rb and the ruby program ran as before.
However. I still have the same problems:
The screen disappears quickly.
The letters are white on a black background.
I tried this method. I clicked on the My Computer Icon.
Next I clicked on the Control Panel Icon. Next I clicked on the
Display Icon. A dialog box with several options came up:
Background, Screensaver, Appearance, etc.
I clicked on Appearance. Many options came up. I changed the Active
Window option to get a black letter on a white background. However,
when I ran the ruby program, the results were the same as before.
Any other ideas?