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The only interesting thing I have to say here that hasn’t been said is
that this test seems like a variation of Pair Programming, where one
person writes the tests and the other writes the code. No better way
to ensure you only write code to make a failing test pass than to know
nothing about the problem space except the most recent test failure.

class Object
def attribute(arg, &block)
name = (arg.class == Hash ? arg.keys[0] : arg)
define_method(name) do
first_access_action(arg,&block) unless instance_eval("defined? "

  • “@” + name)
    instance_variable_get “@” + name
    attr_writer name
    alias_method name+"?",name

    def first_access_action(arg,&block)
    name = (arg.class == Hash ? arg.keys[0] : arg)
    send(name+"=",instance_eval(&block)) if block_given?
    send(name+"=",arg.values[0]) if arg.class == Hash