Fwd: modtool noblock and xml files and grc

On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 8:26 AM, John M. <
[email protected]> wrote:

Anyhow, it unexpectedly generated an xml file to import the non-block into
Is there a best way to just remove that xml file without causing other

First, do a ‘make uninstall’ from your build directory, to remove the
from where GRC finds it.

Then, edit grc/CMakeLists.txt and remove the line that has the XML
in it.

Finally, rerun the build (cmake, make, sudo make install, etc.).

Also when I tried to drag and drop the non-block into GRC, presumably

the default created xml file with no edits (curiosity always gets one in
trouble?) GRC went to a blank screen. Of course I was able to close and
restart and pick up at the last save which was fine. Okay none of that is
really unexpected.

In general, gr_modtool creates XML files that need further editing
being usable in GRC; in this case, GRC didn’t handle the mis-parse very

I guess there must be a reason you would have a noblock that can be added
to a flowgraph?

You can create generic functions with parameters that you can set up as
variables in GRC. They aren’t blocks added to the flowgraph but are
“GRC blocks”.

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