Fwd: How to use 2 USRPs on 1 PC

You can use multiple usrps on one PC. To select the USRP that you want
to use, you can use the which parameter of the usrp source

src = usrp.source_s(which=)

This is a number between 0…N.

You can identify which is which by looking at the serial number of your

These might not be exposed in GRC, so you need to edit this in the
python code.

Also, you can transmit and receive simultaneously also with just one

I have two usrps on one machine in continuous operation. One usrp is
using the computer’s usb bus, and the other is hooked to a PCI usb
card, to ensure full bandwidth on both usrps. But unless you need full
bandwidth on each device, you probably don’t need to do this.


Thank you for your answer.

Now I see how it works.

I connect one USRP or two USRPs on a PC.
It recongnizes well.

However, when I execute a flow graph, it immediately disconnects a
I use Ubuntu 10.x with VMWare, on the top of Mac OS X 10.6.4

Might it be a problematic that I do a test on a Virtual Machine

2010/10/29 Juha V. [email protected]

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