[Fwd: Got questions about NetBeans Ruby/JRuby support?]

Hey, I sent this to ruby-talk, but figured I’d toss it a few more
places. If you have any questions about NB Ruby/JRuby support you’d like
answered in a public form, eventually published for others to read, send
them off to this “ask the experts” session. The questions so far have
been quite good, but they’ve slowed down a bit. I figure you folks on
the JRuby user list or in my local Ruby group would have some additional
ones you could toss in. No pressure…it just seems like a nice format.

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Subject: Got questions about NetBeans Ruby/JRuby support?
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 06:16:17 +0900
From: Charles Oliver N. [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
To: [email protected] (ruby-talk ML)

Hey folks…

Sun is running this “ask the experts” session all week where you can
post questions and have me, Tor N. (guy behind the NetBeans Ruby
support), or Brian Leonard (NetBeans evangelist) answer them. It seems
like a pretty cool format, so if you have had any questions about
NetBeans Ruby/JRuby/Rails support, this is a good way to ask them.

I blogged it here…post your questions through the form on the
“experts” page, and you get a direct response from one of us, with the
question and answer published later this week.

The NetBeans guys really want to add in Ruby features you’re looking
for, and of course I want to keep making JRuby better, so please toss
over any questions or concerns you have. Thank you :slight_smile:

  • Charlie

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